About Us


We work in partnership with all the major technology suppliers

We’re open-minded

JUJIN America is a leading packaging company dedicated to understanding the needs of our clients and the demand of the industry. With manufacturing plants and offices worldwide serviced by over 1100 employees dedicated to designing, producing, and supporting the most prestigious brands, we partner with our customers and make any packaging a reality.


Our Story

JUJIN America is a GMI-certified factory for TARGET stores and L’OREAL cosmetics. As a global leader in packaging quality services, GMI certifies, monitors and measures the performance of designated packaging suppliers – a process that holds them accountable to established brand owner standards. GMI helps control the variables and ensure brand integrity through printer certification, production run, sample measurement and in-store packaging assessment.

Our latest technology, Smart Connected Packaging powered by the Internet of Things and enhanced 3D Digital printing capabilities, has allowed us to be more creative when envisioning packaging for marketing campaigns and products. With our wide range of automated machines, we are able to handle mass production and distribution on a global scale.

Our Process
  1. 1
    Let's have a conversation

    We will discuss details and requirements about your project, gather all necessary elements, brand assets, and any other details that are relevant to your project.

  2. 2
    White Samples

    White samples are free of color and branding for initial review of structure and quality. These samples are free of charge, and generally take about 5 – 6 days to produce.

  3. 3
    Color Samples

    After review and approval of white samples, we will produce color samples with your branding and artwork. There is a small fee for this service, which we can apply to your final order.

  4. 4

    Production typically take 7 – 14 days depending on the unique aspects of your project.

  5. 5
    Pack & Ship

    Once production is all wrapped up, your products will be safely packed and loaded into an ocean freight container, to arrive at the port of Long Beach and finally to our Los Angeles warehouse. Ocean Freight typically takes about 3 weeks.

  6. 6

    Need us to arrange delivery to your warehouse? No Problem! You call the shot’s and we will accommodate to your specific needs.

Luxury Packaging

Join Jujin to create beautiful, custom folding cartons, rigid boxes, shopping bags, and wooden boxes custom made for your luxury items, premium cosmetics and fragrances, and child resistant cannabis packaging, all connected to the Internet of Things.


Custom designers experienced in the art of luxury packaging for the look, touch, and feel to give your product a lasting impression.


From digital 3D foil to 3D UV printing and glittering, Jujin helps your products be forward thinking and connect to your clientele.

Environmentally Conscious

Looking for something truly special like exotic materials sourced from 100% recycled sources and designed with protecting the environment in mind.