Turn your lifeless packaging into an interactive experience where you can truly connect with your customers like never before by using the Internet of Things to seamlessly deliver rich media.

TruStrain | Smart Packaging Solution
Smart Packaging

Brands can now connect with their consumers directly with Connected Packaging, delivered by the Internet of Things.

Luxury Packaging

JUJIN America is premium manufacturer of custom packaging for the world’s most exclusive brands.

Cannabis Packaging

Using the finest materials on the planet, Jujin America produces fully compliant packaging for the cannabis industry.

Cosmetic Packaging

Specialized solutions for skincare, cosmetic, and fragrance industries blending product protection and usability with luxury.

Counterfeiting is at an all-time high. Jujin Packaging is all too aware of the stigma overseas manufacturing has for forgery, and we take extraordinary measures to protect your brand with both physical and digital options.

The Scodix Spot UV 3D Lamination printer is one way to help protect your brand and we’re one of only a handful of factories worldwide who utilizes this technology. The capabilities are so intricate that they cannot be duplicated.

Jujin also offers “Smart Packaging”, a digital counterfeit protection linking packaging to the Internet of Things with TruStrain’s patented technology. This allows consumers to simply scan your package with their smart phone to verify product authenticity and many more options, such as displaying your marketing video so consumers can view it as they buy and use your product.


Eco-friendly sustainable packaging made from 100% recycled content

Jujin helped lead the eco-friendly movement, making the transition to using 100% recycled materials over 10 years ago. With environmentally conscious brands and consumers preferring green alternatives, even more so with single use packaging, Jujin offers sustainable packaging physically designed to optimize materials and energy. All materials are toxin and allergen free and are sourced, manufactured, transported, and recycled using renewable energy.


We work in partnership with all the major technology suppliers, developing first class solutions for our clients.